Heating Pads For Bearded Dragons (Are They Safe?)

A Bearded Dragon’s habitat can be in woodlands, coastal dunes, tropical savannahs, and deserts of Australia.

This means they’re used to hot climates, there are many methods how to replicate these temperatures in their habitat.

I’m going to talk about the safety issues surrounding heat pads and why I recommend using alternative heat sources.

Are Heat Pads Safe?

No is the short answer, I don’t recommend the use of heat pads, because of the risk they pose to your Bearded Dragon.

Heatpads put out significant heat in a concentrated area, your beardie has a sensitive underbelly and the risk of severe burns is high. 

Due to the softness of this skin, the recovery period is long and painful for your beardie. Sometimes the damage can leave permanent scarring.

Alternative Heat Sources

Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE)

CHE is a great heat source to use during the night. These keep the tank warm with infrared rays and they do not emit any light source. 

The benefit of no light is it doesn’t disturb your beardies sleep schedule. A common misconception is you require a light at all times for your Bearded Dragon, that is not the case. As long as the tank remains at a minimum of 70°F overnight, they’ll thrive.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers aren’t just helpful to humans in the winter, they benefit your Bearded Dragon for numerous reasons.

If your beardie requires a trip to the vet or there is a power failure in your home, wrapping some hand warmers in blankets will help keep them cozy during this time.

Body Warmth

Body heat is something I believe is underrated and crucial in emergency situations. If you have no method of keeping your Bearded Dragon warm during a power failure in your home then using your body is the best and only option you have.

An average human exerts skin temperatures between 92.3°F-98.4°F which are perfect for keeping your beardie warm for short term scenarios.

Closing Thoughts

The risks of burning using heating pads aren’t worth the benefits in my opinion, considering there are alternate and safer methods such as the use of hand warmers and body heat to keep your Bearded Dragon warm. Read our post on Bearded Dragon Temperature for more information.