Best Leopard Gecko Tank

Leopard Geckos (Leo) love to explore, so when choosing a tank it needs to provide a spacious and secure environment.

I’ll be reviewing different terrariums to help you decide which is best for you and your Leo.

Leopard Gecko Tank Choice Breakdown

Here are my top picks when it comes to leopard gecko tanks:

Best Overall

  • Perfect amount of space
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Ventilation
  • Horizontal style
  • Double opening doors

Best For Beginners

  • Great starter terrarium
  • Less space to maintain hygiene
  • Easily monitor Leo personality
  • Ventilation
  • Double opening doors
  • Secure locking mechanism

Most Affordable

  • Affordability
  • Tall double opening doors
  • Ventilation
  • Perfect amount of space
  • Waterproof base

3 Best Leopard Gecko Terrariums

1 REPTI ZOO Full Glass 35 Gallon Reptile Tank

Product Specifications

MaterialTempered Glass
Volume35 Gallons
Dimensions36” x 18” x 12”
Weight44.1 lbs

The REPTIO ZOO Full Glass tank has a wide range of benefits. The first is the stability and security it provides for your Leopard Gecko. There are two locking mechanisms, one securing the mesh lid in place and the other on the two glass doors. 

Your UV and heat fixtures penetrate through the mesh lid with ease. Maintaining the temperature and humidity throughout the day and night

Wire inlets and outlets allow for a neat and tidy setup of all your lights and heaters within the tank.

The installation process is only 10 minutes if following the instructions correctly. The supplier also offers videos to demonstrate how to do this.

Although this tank is on the expensive side, the benefits of the spacing and glass build are worth it.

2 REPTI ZOO Glass Reptile Terrarium 20 Gallon

Product Specifications

MaterialTempered Glass
Volume20 Gallons
Dimensions30” x 12” x 12”
Weight27.75 lbs

The REPTI ZOO 20 gallon is a great terrarium for beginners. It has all the benefits of its 35 gallon counterpart but with less space to be concerned with cleaning.

The downside of this terrarium is the lack of space it offers. At only 20 gallons this is the minimum I would recommend for housing a Leopard Gecko. You’ll need to upgrade the size as your Leo matures.

With this terrarium, you can observe your Leos habits and personalities with ease thanks to the all glass design. Understanding your Leos personality is great when interacting with them.

3 REPTI ZOO 34 Gallon Large Reptile Glass Terrarium Tank

Product Specifications

MaterialTempered Glass
Volume34 Gallons
Dimensions24” x 18” x 18”
Weight34.9 lbs

The REPTI ZOO 34 Gallon Terrarium is another excellent choice for Leopard Geckos, it provides space and great ventilation.

The heat and humidity remain stable thanks to the glass structure. This also allows you to have a full view of your Leo at all times.

The two doors make maintenance and interaction with your Leopard Gecko easy and enjoyable. Thanks to the space provided once opened.

The mesh lid supplies fixtures to assemble your lights and heat lamps. The extra vertical space allows for extra decoration if wanted.

There is a raised base providing you ample space to include heat mats under your substrate if required.

Which is Best?

Best Overall

The REPTI ZOO 35 Gallon is the best overall due to its superior spacing and security features it provides. This allows your Leopard Gecko to roam around its habitat freely without you being concerned about it escaping.

Best For Beginners

Using the REPTI ZOO 20 Gallon is a great starter terrarium, it provides great security and easy access to allow you to learn your Leopard Geckos personality. The space of 20 gallons makes it easier to maintain hygiene at the early stages of owning a Leo.

Most Affordable

The REPTI ZOO 34 Gallon is in the most affordable category, it has great spacing and tall double opening doors to allow easy access when conducting maintenance.

What to know before buying

Size Guide

Depending on how many Leopard Geckos you own, this will alter the sized terrarium you purchase. I recommend using a space of 20 gallons minimum per Leopard Gecko within the habitat.

Leos aren’t avid climbers, they tend to utilize the flooring of their habitat. I recommend tanks with these dimensions;

  • 36” x 18” x 12” (W x H x D)_
  • 30” x 12” x 12” (W x H x D)
  • 24” x 18” x 18” (W x H x D)

Pro Tip: The bigger the tank, the better.


Your tank needs to be fit for purpose, it not only is to house your Leo but it is also there so you can provide care for them. 

Choosing a tank without easy access to feed or clean their terrarium is not ideal. This is why I recommend double opening doors or sliding doors. This provides the space you need to clean out waste food, and feces and refill their water and food bowls.


You’ll want to consider the safety and stability of your chosen tank. You’ll want high quality materials to ensure the structure doesn’t collapse and cause harm to your Leo. 

Leopard Geckos are curious Reptiles, they’ll explore their habitat and if there is an opening for them to escape, they’ll find it. Ensure all fittings are secured and all inlets and outlets are small enough that your Leo can’t escape.


There are many options for housing Leopard Geckos. My recommendation is, as long as you stick to;

  • High quality materials
  • Spacious enclosures
  • Safe and secure environments

You’ll be providing your Leo with a great habitat they can thrive in. Remember, bigger is better.