Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

Bananas With White Background

Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat bananas. They’ll enjoy eating this sweet-tasting fruit however, you shouldn’t feed bananas to them regularly. I recommend only adding bananas in one to two meals per month. In this article, I’ll go into further detail…

Do Ball Pythons Like To Climb?

Two Ball Pythons Wrapped Around Tree Branch

Ball Pythons are terrestrial reptiles, but do they like to climb? The answer is yes.  Male Ball Pythons are typically semi-arboreal whereas females tend to stay on the ground.  Understanding their preference for climbing is crucial for providing a suitable…

20 Ball Python Morphs: Understanding Genetics

Close Up Of Fire Ball Pythons Head

Ball Python morphs represent a captivating array of genetic mutations within the Ball Python species (Python regius).  These fascinating reptiles display unique color patterns, altering their appearances from the traditional brown and tan hues. Exploring these genetic variations provides enthusiasts…